Monday, April 16, 2007

Presidential History Lesson: 2008 Indicators

So folks this is going to be a short Presidential history lesson. How many current standing Senators were elected by the general public to serve in the White House? Now compare that number with how many current-standing Governors were elected to the White House.

Now separate the 2008 Presidential candidates by those that are current Senators and those that are current Governors. I'll make the first homework assignment easy. In history 19 out of 43 Presidents were elected as standing Governors. Conclusion: Very few standing Senators have ever been elected to the White House.

The 2008 Presidential campaign is about who has the most experience and which candidate is the most elect able to defeat the Republicans. The problems of our nation cannot be resolved by the inevitable unethical leverage that follows in receiving a historical amount of campaign contributions.

This campaign is about which candidate has the most foreign policy experience that qualifies him/her to be the Diplomat to the world. We live in a global world and we need a global Commander and Chief for President. Consider the length of experience that each of the 2008 Presidential candidates have had while serving a local constituency that will become an essential basis to evoke change and progress in the pursuit to better America.

I urge each of you to educate yourself, understand the seriousness of the issues at stake in this election. Eight years is long enough to have an arrogant Republican in the White House. Which 2008 Presidential candidate has the inherent ability to make a smooth transition into this position having had the most amount of "presidential" like experience? Which candidate won’t be slowed by scandals or skeletons of the past that will be drudged up by Republican Rovian "Swift Nut Researchers?"

I love Hillary. I am moved by Obama. However I choose to support and vote Richardson for President of the United States.

Democratically dyed in the wool,

Aaron Thompson
Campaign Manager
Utah for Richardson

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